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Want to discover minimalism and how minimalist living can change your life for the better? Look no further than this list of 18 delightful blogs on minimalism.


The first minimalist living blog I ever read was The Minimalists by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, it opened my eyes to a whole way of living that really appealed to me. I’ve been working minimalist living into my life ever since.

In fact, reading The Minimalists is what started me on a path to lead a more intentional life and find financial freedom. I think all three lifestyle philosophies are intertwined, which is why I write about all three on Less & Live More. It’s very easy to understand the way to escape the confines of our consumerist society when you juxtapose it against a minimalist living philosophy.

There are a LOT of blogs about minimalism out there, indeed there are many facets to minimalism and many ways to come at it. Whilst I love the minimalist aesthetic and poring over minimalist lifestyle blogs, this list is focused on blogs on minimalist living. That’s to say, they are written by people who are choosing to use minimalism as a way to lead their lives and shape all areas of their lives, not just their home and personal style. 


These blogs cover minimalist living, simple living, living with intention, slow living and mindful money management. But ultimately, each of these blogs is a great read if you are just starting out on your own journey to lead a more minimalist life. 

The list runs in no particular order, I have included some of the really well-known minimalism blogs because they are brilliant, but I’ve also included smaller, rising stars of the minimalist blogging world because there really are some gems out there. 

Just before you dive into the list… if you’d like to find out more about what I write about on Less & Live More please click the links to some of my posts:



The Minimalists minimalist living blog, best minimalism blogs to read

As mentioned above, The Minimalists blog by Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus was the first minimalist living blog I ever read. Joshua and Ryan have guided millions of people to live more meaningful lives with less, including me, a fact you can see reflected in the title of my blog Less & Live More. What started out as a blog is now a media empire of sorts:

Click to get to know The Minimalists: Blog | Documentary | YouTube | Podcast | Book 1: Essential Essays by The Minimalists | Book 2: Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life | Book 3: Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists


Balance Through Simplicity Blog, practical information to simplify life, best minimalism blogs to read, best minimalist bloggers, simple living blog, simple living bloggers

Antonia is a reformed workaholic who is set on advocating simple living. Balance Through Simplicity is packed with easy to read, accessible posts on minimalism and simple living for every aspect of life. Her ideas and tips are eminently practical. 

Click to get to know Antonia: Blog 


Be More With Less Courtney Carver Blog, Project333, one of the best minimalist lifestyle blogs, must-read minimalism blogs,

Courtney Carver is a true inspiration for triumphing against adversity. Following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Courtney started a journey to simplify her life. Alongside her wonderful blog, Be More With Less, her wardrobe decluttering program, Project 333, has helped thousands of people to get to grips with creating a minimalist wardrobe.  That might sound like a fairly superficial thing, but it’s amazing how freeing a minimalist wardrobe of clothes is and how it focuses you on creating minimalism in all areas of your life. 

Click to get to know Courtney Carver: Blog | YouTube | Podcast | Book 1: Project 333 | Book 2: Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More


Simple intentional living blog, simple living blog, live simply blog, minimalist living blog, top 18 minimalism blogs to read

What I love about Jennifer’s blog, Simply + Fiercely is that it makes minimalism and intentional living so accessible. It’s just as beautiful to read and look at as some of the more well-known minimalist lifestyle blogs, but it’s just that bit easier to imagine yourself mirroring Jennifer’s lifestyle. Jennifer went from shopaholic to minimalist and shares all her learnings, experiences and suggestions for doing the same on Simply + Fiercely. 

Click to get to know Jennifer: Blog | Courses


Becoming Minimalist minimalism blog by Joshua Becker, top 18 minimalist living blogs, minimalism, Blogs about minimalism, Minimalism blogs, Minimalist lifestyle blogs

Joshua Becker is one of the uber-minimalist bloggers and his blog. I have to say I wasn’t drawn to Becoming Minimalist the second I landed on it, because the font is a dull brown and it’s not that beautiful to look at. There, I’ve said it 😉 I am an aesthetic snob and I’m working on it 😉 But once I got reading, oh boy! Joshua talks about his focus on simplicity and minimalism in every aspect of his life, which really resonates with me. It’s easy to see minimalism simply as a design concept, but minimalism is actually a design for life. 

Click to get to know Joshua Becker: Blog | Book 1: The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life | Book 2: The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own | Book 3: Simplify | Book 4: Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home | Magazine: Simplify Project: No Sidebar (see next entry on list for more… 


No Sidebar is a 30-day email course you can take to simplify your life. It’s all about encouraging you to design a simple life. The course is on $20 and includes access to a Facebook Group. There is also an archive of blog posts from various contributors who write about minimalism and minimalist lifestyles. You can apply to contribute a post if you want to become part of the No Sidebar community. 

Click to get to know No Sidebar: Site | Course | Apply to write for No Sidebar


Simple Lionheart Life, Simplifying life, minimalism, less stuff more life, best minimalism blogs to read, best minimalist blogs, Minimalist bloggers, Minimalist blog

Melissa is a yoga-loving mom who loves nothing more than being at home. She writes about how to create a simpler, more intentional life by decluttering and embracing minimalism. She started the blog after discovering how much space and freedom minimalism and simple living has given her. 

Click to get to know Melissa: Blog 


Intentional living blog, Anthony Ongaro, Break The Twitch, good habits, change your life, Minimalist lifestyle blogs, Minimalist living blog, Minimalist bloggers, Minimalist blog

Anthony Ongaro started Break The Twitch as part of a process to sidestep the automatic habits (twitches) that were shaping his life. He’s busy shaping a new life that revolves around living a more intentional life, which naturally includes minimalism. His YouTube channel is ace. I also love that his dog looks like my dog Teddy;) 

Click to get to know Anthony Ongaro: Blog | YouTube | Podcast | Community 


Zen Habits Leo Babauta, simple living blog, best minimalism blogs, best simple living blog, simple living bloggers, Living with less blogs, Living simply blogs, Simplicity blogs, Best simple living blogs

Leo Babauta is another uber-blogger, his focus is very much on mindfulness and simplicity (the clue is in the blog title I guess!) but as he points out in this post, minimalism is an extension of simplicity

Click to get to know Leo Babauta: Blog | Books: Leo is a prolific writer, so I’m simply placing a link to the list of all of his books on Amazon | Courses


Raising Simple Minimalist family blog, best minimalism bloggers, Minimalist blog
Minimalist blogs
Minimalism blog
Blogs about minimalism
Minimalism blogs
Minimalist lifestyle blogs
Minimalist living blog
Minimalist bloggers

Zoë Kim blogs about minimalism for families, she’s a mum of four kids, so she truly has the ability to road-test her minimalist living strategies. She encourages parents to develop a minimalist mindset and offers practical solutions as well as ideas on how to change your mindset. Zoë has also written a book Minimalism for Families: Practical Minimalist Living Strategies to Simplify Your Home and Life

Click to get to know Zoë Kim: Blog | Book 


The Minimalist Vegan blog, Masa and Michael minimalism and veganism bloggers, best minimalist blogs, minimalism blogs, Minimalist blog
Best minimalist blogs
Minimalist home blog
Simple blogs
Living with less blogs
Living simply blogs

The minimalist vegan is actually written by a married couple, Maša and Michael. They are on a mission to inspire millions of people to live with less stuff and more compassion. They are on a crusade against mindless consumerism and wastefulness. They have also written a book, The Minimalist Vegan: A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff And More Compassion.

Click to get to know Maša and Michael: Blog | Book: The Minimalist Vegan: A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff And More Compassion | Podcast


Minimalist cooking, Minimalist kitchen, the Faux Martha, Melissa Coleman author The Minimalist Kitchen, best minimalist bloggers, best minimalism blogs

Melissa Coleman describes herself as a designer, dinner maker and simplicity chaser, which funnily enough is all reflected in her blog The Faux Martha, including some wonderful posts on minimalism. Melissa is also the author of The Minimalist Kitchen, which gives a framework for creating a minimalist kitchen. 

Click to get to know Melissa Coleman: Blog | Book: The Minimalist Kitchen 


Minimalist Baker, minimalist eating and food blog, best blogs about minimalist living, minimal kitchen, minimalist cooking, recipes with less than ten ingredients, recipes prepared and ready in less than 30 minutes

Dana and John are a married couple, with a design and photography background, who create recipes that have 10 ingredients or less, use minimal equipment to make and take 30 minutes or less to prepare… AKA minimalist recipes! The recipes are mainly plant-based (vegan) but there are also vegetarian recipes and recipes for omnivores. Delicious food that’s quick and easy to make in all senses, what’s not to love?! Ooh and they’ve also written a book, Everyday Cooking, which is full of totally plant-based, mainly gluten-free recipes. 

Click to get to know Dana and John: Blog | Book: Everyday Cooking


Mr Money Mustache Peter Adeney, Intentional living, retire early, minimalist blogs, financial freedom blogger, FIRE, retire early bloggers

A slight curve-ball entry here. Peter Adeney is the king of the retire early bloggers, but a lot of his philosophies are grounded in minimalism. His site is refreshingly retro in appearance. I am literally reading through Mr Money Mustache post by post, it’s that good and inspirational. Peter has also written the foreword to an updated, relaunched in 2018 version of Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence, which I am mid-way through reading at the moment, it is beyond doubt the best book I’ve ever read on our relationship with money and how to improve it.  

Get to know Mr Money Mustache: Blog 



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