25 ways to make AN EXTRA $100 EVERY DAY

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Want to make extra cash to set yourself on the road to financial freedom? Here’s my list of 25 clever ways to make an extra $100 every day.


Knowing how to make money outside of your day job is a great first step towards finding your financial freedom. It can give you the confidence to know you don’t have to stay chained to a 9-5 job forever. 

Prove to yourself that you can make $100 extra every day and you will start to discover how you can create a life that doesn’t revolve around a monthly paycheck from an employer. 

Combine successfully earning extra cash with leading a more intentional life, a life where you shed all the unnecessary burdens of consumerism and focus on what is really important to you, and you will find your way to the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. 

You will reach a point where you are ready to turn your back on the world of employment, confident in the knowledge that you are capable of earning money and enjoying life the way you want to live it. 


There are many benefits to earning extra money every day, besides having extra money! Here are just a few of them that come to mind: 

  • Prove to yourself that you are a capable entrepreneur
  • Grow your self-confidence
  • Improve your self-worth 
  • Save money to build a nest egg
  • Pay off outstanding debt
  • Take charge of your financial destiny
  • Free you from full-time employment
  • Head towards early retirement
  • Create complete financial freedom 

So, we are agreed that finding clever ways to make extra cash is a good thing. But just how do you go about taking that first step towards earning money that doesn’t rely on you clocking in at a desk five days per week? 


It isn’t easy to make an extra $100 every day, otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

I’m being super honest with you because there are a lot of blog posts and books out there telling you how easy it is to ‘side-hustle’ and make money quickly. Which can leave you open to feeling like an epic failure if you aren’t rolling in an abundance of money within a couple of months.  

The reality is that if you are setting yourself the goal of making extra money outside of your day job, you will need to be tenacious and prepared to work hard and work smart. 

You may well need to consider a range of ways to make extra money and look at combining some of them to get you on your way. 

You also need to take some time to put together a strategy for earning extra money. Here are some things to consider when planning how to earn extra cash:

  • Do you want to start something that could potentially become your own business?
  • Are you looking to make passive income (income that keeps rolling in without you needing to do much after the initial set-up)
  • How much time will you be able to devote per day or week?
  • What is your current skill set?
  • Are you a digital native or a Luddite? 
  • Are you prepared to skill-up to start earning extra money?
  • What is your support network like – childcare etc? 

You also need to look at your assets and consider how they could help you earn extra income: 

  • The property you own or live in
  • Transport you own or have access to use
  • Access to reliable broadband
  • Specialist equipment you could hire out 

Once you have taken all these things into consideration you can start looking at the different opportunities there are for you to earn extra money. 


Something else to consider is whether starting up a business on the side, a side-hustle could be a great way to test the waters with a business idea before transitioning from employee to business owner. 


There are myriad ways you could make extra money, I’ve put together a list of the ones that I think will give you the best chance of succeeding with your goal of earning $100 per day extra.
I have also avoided some of the usual suspects that crop up in these type of posts that are really actually quite dreadful. 



Investing your money isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking about earning extra money. But if you take the time to learn and understand how to make investments it can be a great way to earn extra money. 

Investments apps make it really easy for new investors to get involved with the stock market. You will still need to do your research, the stock market goes up as well as down. But using an investment app is a great way to get started. Here are some of the best investment apps to get started with: 

  • Acorns –  This is a micro-investing app that automates your saving and makes investments with it. You link your bank or credit cards to the app and Acorns rounds every transaction up to the next dollar. 
  • Stash – This banking, saving and micro-investing app allows you to invest in more than 400 stocks and funds with no add-on commission. 
  • Robinhood – This is a commission-free investment app, just make sure you understand about investing before you set yourself free using it. 


Happy in the company of animals? There is a big market in looking after other people’s pets. You can even look at it as a way to spend time with lovely pets and not have the cost of having your own pet! 

You can offer pet sitting or dog walking services that fit in with your own schedule. You can offer evenings and weekends if you work fulltime during the week. 

Rover is the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, so it’s a good place to sign up to offer your services. You can choose which of the services you want to offer: 

  • Dog walking
  • Drop-in visits 
  • Doggy daycare
  • House-sitting
  • Dog boarding


Use your evenings to babysit other people’s kids. Care.com is the largest online provider of babysitting services and other caregiving services. 

This post on Fatherly runs through a list of the best babysitting websites and apps around, trawl through and see how to sign up to offer your services. 


This isn’t necessarily the most glamorous way to earn money, but depending on where you live it can actually be a surprisingly good way to earn extra cash. I’d suggest word of mouth is a better way to build up a client base, as working for an agency means that the agency pockets a percentage of the money. 


Good at cooking? Start your own cookery workshops. You can have any number of students from one-2-one sessions up to however many you can fit in your kitchen. 

Specialise in cookery workshops for kids, for adult novices or for speciality areas like bread making, baking, cake decorating, vegan, gluten-free cooking, whatever you fancy. 

You could go one step further and start a cookery website alongside your classes, which would help to promote them, but could also earn you advertising and affiliate revenue if you started to do well with your traffic. 


Supper clubs are so hipster! But they are also a great way to turn a passion or hobby into an earning opportunity. Get your supper club right and you could find yourself with sell-out evenings on a regular basis. Here’s a great post from EventBrite on how to get started hosting your own supper club


Like gardening or even just happy being outside pottering around? Offer your services to keep backyards neat and tidy, mow the lawn, weed flower beds, prune shrubs. Word of mouth is a great way to start building up a client list. 


The world is increasingly full of time-poor people looking for help with everyday tasks. It might be grocery shopping, putting together IKEA flatpack furniture or running errands. It could be more deskbased small tasks that don’t warrant a VA.
There are various websites for offering your tasker services, the best known are TaskRabbit (note there is a $20 registration fee) and Fiverr


Farmers markets are the ultimate hipster way to shop and also the ultimate hipster way to earn a little extra cash. It’s important to suss out the best markets and there will be waiting lists for pitches. There will also be a pitch fee, so you will need to factor this into your pricing. 

Great things to sell include soy wax candles, macarons, brownies, bread, produce you’ve grown, handmade crafts. 


Obsessed with Pinterest? Or just very good at figuring out how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your own blog or website? If you know what you’re doing you are ahead of the game and could offer your services to small business owners and bloggers. 

I’d suggest taking at least one well-respected course to really make sure you are confident with your offering. 

I highly recommend the Pinteresting Strategies course, which I have taken. The course is regularly updated and there is a very active private Facebook Group for the course, where the creator, Carly from Mommy On Purpose, puts in regular appearances. 

I also suggest making full use of Simple Pin Media Kate Ahl is a real live Pinterest VA success story, who turned her passion for all things Pinterest into a thriving business. There’s a tonne of free resources, a brilliantly useful podcast and you can also sign up to the Simple Pin Collective, a paid membership, which could stand you in good stead for being a Pinterest VA. 

I use the pinning services of Marisa at VA Solutions. Marisa is building a business around her family life by offering Pinterest VA services. 


Do you know and understand Facebook? Then use your Facebook know-how to make money as a Facebook ads manager, where you run lead generation campaigns through the Facebook Ads Manager platform. 

Facebook is one of those marketing channels that small business owners know they should include in their marketing mix, but don’t have the time or understanding to really make it work for them. 

Take a course like Facebook Side Hustle to establish how to set yourself up. 


You can earn a really decent amount of money as a virtual assistant, in a world where more and more of us are working remotely, virtual assistants are fast becoming part of the establishment. 

You will need to have super strong admin and project management skills. You will also need your own equipment – a laptop or desktop computer and a cell phone. 

Other skills you may well need: 

  • Managing emails
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Travel booking 
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Filling out forms

Horkey Handbook is a great place to start out. Take the Horkey Handbook course to become a VA and follow in the footsteps of founder, Gina Horkey, who turned her VA side-hustle into a growing business. 

Take a look at Fancy Hands which is a well established US-based virtual assistant company.

Time ETC is another virtual super well established VA company, it hires independent contractors to work at whatever time of the day suits. 


Good at typing? Become a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist listens to audio files and types what they hear into a software programme. You are never going to get rich quick being a transcriptionist, but it’s a great way to start generating income when you first start making extra money. 


Good with numbers? You might not think you are, but if you manage your personal finances with ease there is no reason you can’t get to grips with bookkeeping. You certainly don’t need to have an accounting degree to succeed. You can always join the Bookkeeper Business Academy and take Ben’s course on how to become a bookkeeper


Teaching English as a second language is very in much demand, particularly in Asian countries. Online platforms like VIP Kid and Education First are great places to start. You will need a bachelor’s degree.


You will need to know your punctuation, grammar and spelling, though of course there are brilliant desktop apps like Grammarly that can help support you as you mine for errors. 

You can actually earn a full-time salary as a proofreader or copy editor, especially if you build yourself a great reputation for precision.

Take the Proofread Anywhere course to get yourself up to speed with proofreading and then launch your work from home career as a proofreader. 


User experience is very important part of what makes a website successful, so website owners work with user testing agencies to have real people test and use their websites and give feedback on the experience. here are a number of agencies recruiting website testers, including TryMyui and UserTesting

The beauty of becoming a website tester or reviewer is that you don’t need to be a digital expert or a web design expert. In fact, what companies want is genuine users to test their websites so that they can make sure that the user experience is fully optimised.
If you already have proofreading experience you can go straight to Scribendi for proofreading jobs to earn extra cash from home. 


I’m not going to lie to you, starting a blog is not a way to get rich quick, no matter what the promises from ‘how to start a successful blog’ bloggers claim. 

However, it is totally possible to start a blog and earn money from it. I know, because I am doing it. I have been running www.mumsmakelists.com for several years and make money from MediaVine running adverts on the site, affiliate links and occasional sponsored content. 

You don’t need much money to start, your only really essential cost consideration is hosting, I’m with Siteground and I am super happy with the service I receive from them. Everything else you can get for free – from getting set up on WordPress.org to choosing a free theme and making use of free plugins. 

You can invest in a blogging course, but just be super careful about the one you go with. The ONLY blogging course I would recommend is Blog Simple Framework by Paul Scrivens


The digital world runs on content, which means there are SO many opportunities for earning money as a content creator. That could mean ghostwriting content for someone else’s blog, creating written content for websites, or it could mean creating imagery and photography for social media feeds. There are plenty of places to start looking for content creation opportunities, including Flexjobs, Fivver, Upwork and Peopleperhour


Vlogging has been the new blogging for several years! That said, it’s really coming into its own for the masses now, as we all become more accustomed to turning to video for information. In fact, over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube alone EVERY DAY! 

So, if you aren’t a huge fan of writing or you just love being in front of a camera, set up your own YouTube channel, build an audience and monetise away by placing affiliate links, doing influencer deals or running adverts on your videos. 

Bear in mind that education and information rule, but that it all needs to be delivered in an entertaining way to capture your audience’s attention and keep it. 


Online education sector has been experiencing huge growth and continues to do so. It is projected that by 2023 it will be worth $133 billion. So why not slice yourself a share of the pie?! Of course, it’s easier said than done to make good money from creating an online course, but it is eminently doable and there are a LOT of people making a success of it. 

Teachable is a favoured online course platform and it offers some great learning on how to get started and create courses that earn good money. 


This can work in several ways; if you have extra rooms in your home if you travel a lot and are happy to host guests whilst you are away if you have an extra property that you could rent out. If you are renting yourself you will need to check with your landlord and if you own a property with a lease rather than a freehold you will also need to check the terms of your lease. 

Airbnb is the best-known website for renting out your home, it provides a safe way to earn money and allows you to set rules and screen potential guests before you accept a booking. 


Ok, let’s do this. I don’t feel it would be right to not include online surveys, but at the same time, I feel slightly wary about mentioning them! 

There are MANY scam sites out there and there are many opportunities to end up earning nothing at all!  Even if you do go with a legitimate survey site such as Swagbucks you will not be on your way to earning a fortune. What you will earn is a bit of extra cash to throw in the pot. 

You’re definitely not going to make a full-time income from completely online surveys, but you 


Etsy started the online craft selling revolution, but you can also create your own online store with store platforms like Shopify and website platforms like Squarespace. Plus there’s Notonthehighstreet

As with any business, this isn’t an overnight get rich quick way to earn extra money every day. It takes hard work and tenacity, but it can be done and you can have great fun doing it. You will need to be good at marketing and promotion of your online store through social media and other digital channels.


The blogging sector has changed a lot over time it’s been around. The first big shift was from blogging about your life, like Dooce, to creating blogs with useful information and stuff on them, like er, Less & Live More 😉

Then over the last year (2019 into 2020) it has changed all over again. The internet is saturated with content and it takes a lot to start a blog from scratch in 2020 and have it up and earning money in a matter of months. That said, it is doable. One of my favourite winners at blogging at the moment is Sara from Gathering Dreams, who has put together possibly the best post I’ve ever read on getting started blogging.

I’ve also put together a list of the blogging tools I use on Less & Live More and my long-running blog Mums Make Lists.

I hope this list provides you with food for thought. I really do believe that setting out to make an extra $100 every day really can be a gateway to setting yourself free of the 9-5 grind working for an employer.

In fact, I don’t just believe, I know, because it’s how I set out on my journey to financial freedom. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and let me know how you get on.


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