I tried and failed with meal planning many times until I found an incentive that made me fall in love with it. What I realised is that meal planning enables you to be more intentional with your eating. 

Once I understood the power of eating more intentionally, meal planning became easy and even enjoyable.  Read my post on Meal Planning Made Easy to understand the power of meal planning, intentional eating and how to get started. 


Want to get started meal planning? I’ve created a version of the meal planning google sheet that I use.

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Do you feel like you are working all the hours and never have the time, energy or headspace to spend time doing the things you love? Less & Live More will help you navigate your way to emotional and financial freedom through living a more intentional life. A life where you have the space to discover or rediscover what actually makes you happy. 


Intentional living is about making your life better through good choices. It helps you stop walking through life blindly letting your money, time and energy slip away.