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Here are some really simple things you can do to change your everyday thought processes and habits to change your life for the better. 

8 Ways to change your life for the better

Do you feel like you want to change your life?

But the very thought of how you go about it is SO overwhelming?!

Yes, I think we all feel like that at times. 

I certainly have. 

But at the start of this year – a year we’re now 11 months into – I decided I needed to make some changes in my life. 

I felt out of kilter. 

It wasn’t that there was anything majorly wrong. 

Still I felt overwhelmed and just not very happy. 

Me being me, I did a bit of a life audit and worked out some simple things I could do. 

Habits I could change. 

Thought processes and behaviours that were getting me down. 

I can truly say that 11 months on from instigating change in my life, I am so much happier. 

I’ve put a list together of the biggest things I focused on to bring about change in my life. 

I hope they help you to succeed in making the changes you feel you need to make in your life. 

Simple but powerful ways to change your life

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s a game you’ll never win. 

If the thing they have is something truly worth having, use them as inspiration to go get it for yourself. 

But in general, the best thing is to focus on the things you have and what makes you happy. 

2. Sidestep people who bring negativity into your life

The people in your life have one of the biggest effects on how you feel about your life and yourself. 

Step back from the people who suck all your energy and never give anything in return. 

Mute the people who shout loudly about how amazing their lives are – AKA ‘UNFOLLOW’. 

3. Build exercise into your daily life

It’s so easy to lead a sedentary life. 

On the contrary, it can feel so hard to find time to exercise. 

But exercise is good for us in so many ways. 

Ways that go way beyond being toned and strong. 

Not that those aren’t important things. 

But daily exercise can do wonders for your self worth and your mood. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep so you stop looking and feeling tired all the time. 

Have a read of it and think about how you can start building exercise into your daily life. 

4. Pick a skill or new hobby you want to cultivate

Taking time to do something JUST FOR YOU can feel very alien to some of us. 

Especially if you’re a busy mum juggling working with parenting and family life. 

But it is SO important. 

Plus it’s amazing how much benefit you can get from taking an hour out of your life to do something that’s just for you. 

Just for the pleasure of it. 

I started two new things this year. 

Firstly, I joined a book club. 

It was a two-fold decision. 

I wanted to get myself back in the habit of reading books, actual books, rather than endlessly scrolling online. 

Plus I wanted to broaden my friendships. 

So I posted a message in a local Facebook mums group and was overwhelmed (in a good way) with the number of invites I got to join book clubs. 

Eight months on and I am now reading at least one book per month.

Sometimes it’s more because I’ve made reading books a habit again. 

Plus I’ve met some really great new pals. 

Secondly, I took up ballet

I danced from the age of 2 to 18. 

It was something I really loved. 

But I wasn’t going to pursue dance as a career, so the classes stopped when I moved on to Uni. 

Rediscovering ballet has been transformational. 

I go to a local class once per week, run by the most amazing ballet teacher. 

Slowly but surely I am relearning all the dance skills I once had. 

It’s also doing wonders for my posture – spending hours at a desk means a lot of time being slumped forward, no matter how hard I try to remember to sit up straight. 

5. Fail forward

Don’t dwell on your failures. 

Learn from them instead. 

It’s very easy to beat yourself up over things that haven’t worked out. 

I am very prone to doing this. 

But I’ve created a new habit over the past few months. 

Instead of constantly going over my failures and berating myself, I choose to learn from them. 

Analyse what went wrong, learn from them and move on. 

Funnily enough, running Mums Make Lists has really helped me with this. 

Over the past year, I’ve really learnt to analyse what is working and not working on the site. 

I really want every piece of content I write to be a useful read. 

I’ve taught myself how to use Google Analytics and through that have taught myself how to analyse things in a positive way and discover new ways forward. 

Learning from fails rather than dwelling on them also gives you the confidence to go forward and try again. 

You may fail again, but you’ll know how to pick yourself up and move forwards until you get to where you want to be. 

6. Focus on the positive

Unless you are in real dire straits there will always be positives in your life. 

Focus on these, praise yourself for the positives that you yourself have created. 

Be thankful for them. 

Use them work out how else you could instigate change to create more positives. 

7. Scale back screens and scrolls

It is amazing how many opportunities there are in the day to stare at something on screen. 

Sometimes we don’t even stare… our eyes don’t have time to focus because we’re scrolling so fast. 

I realised I was picking up my iPhone and scrolling Instagram at every spare moment. 

Some of them weren’t even spare moments. 

It left me with NO downtime. 

No time to simply be. 

Constantly scrolling through social media also ties into the first two points in this list:

  • comparing yourself to others
  • sidestepping people who bring negativity into your life

I heard a theory recently that I quite warmed to… those who shout most loudly on social media about how wonderful their lives aren’t always the ones with the wonderful lives. 

The ones with the truly wonderful lives are too busy living their lives to spend time endlessly posting. 

I do also see some lovely benefits from Instagram (my main social media of choice) so I understand it’s not necessarily about ditching social media completely. 

My suggest instead is to curate your feed carefully. 

Unfollow anyone who makes you feel rubbish about yourself. 

Fill your feed with people whose posts make you smile or make you think or inspire you.  

Three of my favourite Instagram people to follow include

Of course, I’m also slowly growing my own Instagram, so if you fancy taking it a look it’s @lessandlivemore.

8. Spend time with nature

My family and I moved out of London two years ago. 

Never thought it would happen, but it did. 

We moved to a beautiful spa town in the heart of the English countryside. 

You’d think we’d have immediately embraced all the nature around us. 

But we didn’t. 

Well my husband did. 

He takes himself off fishing on a regular basis, something which has him spending hours in nature. 

It took me a while to get into the habit. 

But now I have got the habit, I realise how much it’s possible to get from simply being surrounded by nature. 

The great thing is that you don’t have to live in the countryside to enjoy nature. 

If you’re in London or another city or large town, you just need to find a park or nature reserve. 

The key is to truly surrender to being with nature. 

That doesn’t mean stripping off and being a naturist btw – though whatever floats your boat 😉

It just means truly being present in the moment. 

Keep your mobile in your bag – better still leave it on your desk or at home. 

Truly look at your surroundings. 

Wonder at the magic of nature. 

Go on. It will make you feel SO good. 

I hope this list of tips for changing your life really helps you make the change you crave. 

There are many other ways to change your life, but these are simple things that anyone can start to do straight away. 

These tips are as much about changing your mindset and forming new, positive, habits than anything else. 

Good luck with making the changes that make your life better. 


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