This is the Less & Live More manifesto:

Buy less and live more

Waste less and live more

Do less and live more

It’s really simple. Buying less, wasting less and doing less can bring you more contentment and happiness than you could ever imagine. 

Less & Live More isn’t about extreme minimalism, frugality or dropping out. It’s about simplifying your life by living it in a more intentional way. Being more considered about the choices you make, the things you buy, how you fill your calendar. 

Buying less is actually better for the environment than buying green. Though buying green is certainly better than not buying green. Buying less also means you have fewer overheads and need to spend less time managing all the stuff you own. I’ll help you discern the best things to buy, how to make good choices and find brands that are doing their best for the environment.

Wasting less is also a great way to help the environment. Plus it’s good to make the most of everything you buy, from clothes and stuff for your home to the food in your fridge and pantry. I’ll give you ideas for making the most of what you have in your kitchen, your wardrobe and your home. How to reuse and repurpose before you recycle.

Doing less doesn’t mean sitting around bingeing Netflix 24/7 (though hey, there’s nothing wrong with the odd Netflix binge). Doing less means being considered about your commitments. It’s about not being afraid to say no to stuff, it’s about freeing up your time to do all the things you would love to do, but until now haven’t had the time or the energy to do. Or in fact, freeing up your time to simply be. I’ll guide you and show you how.

Ultimately Less & Live More is about helping you make your life better by making good choices. It’s also about making good choices that help our planet thrive. 


I’m Luci. I’ve been simplifying my life over the last few years, ever since I realised that the be-it-all, have-it-all world we live in wasn’t making me happy. Buying less, wasting less and doing less is giving me and my family so much time and space to create really happy and fulfilling lives. 

If this is a journey you want to take or you want to take with your family, I can help you navigate your way to a life where you have the space to discover or rediscover what actually makes you happy.